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        XCMGQUY50Crawler Crane

        1. XCMG QUY50 Crawler Crane

        Item Unit Parameter Max. lifting capacity Boom t 50 Jib t 4 ……

        Hitachi6000SLXCrawler Crane

        2. Hitachi 6000SLX Crawler Crane

        Engine rated power (kW) 397 Maximum lift capacity (t×m) 550x8.0* Maximum boom length (m) 108.0 Maximum boom + fly jib (m) - Maximum line pull (kN) 245 * Maximum lifting capacity with super lift specification……

        SANYSCC2600ACrawler Crane

        3. SANY SCC2600A Crawler Crane

        Max. lifting capacity260tLength of main boom20-86mBoom luffing angle30-85°……

        ZoomlionQUY400Crawler Crane

        4. Zoomlion QUY400 Crawler Crane

        1. This crawler crane is equipped with a VOLVO electronic fuel injection engine which has such advantages as strong power, low noise, slight vibration and excellent environmental protection performance.2. The slewing ring imported from Germ……

        LiebherrHS 895 HDLitronic Crawler Crane

        5. Liebherr HS 895 HD Litronic Crawler Crane

        max. lifting capacity220.5 US-t / 16.4 ft.Engine output670 kW/911 HP(ISO 9249)Max. winch line pull 1. layer350 kNMax. main boom276 ft.max. boom length with clamshell181 ft.max. boom length with dragline181 ft.Travel speed0.87 mphOperating w……

        YutongYTQU50Crawler Crane

        6. Yutong YTQU50 Crawler Crane

        1. It adopts well performed Cummins diesel engine which meets the emission standard of GB Ⅱstandard and with an engine power up to 180 horsepower to provide a reliable, economical and environmental power source.2. The retractable chassis ……

        XCMGQUY55Crawler Crane

        7. XCMG QUY55 Crawler Crane

        Item Unit Parameter Max. rated lifting capacity Basic boom t 55 Fixed jib t ……

        ZoomlionQY120V633Truck Cranep

        8. Zoomlion QY120V633 Truck Cranep

        ZOOMLION QY120V truck crane is a fine-performed and high-reliable product which combines our company many years’ manufacturing experience in mobile cranes with advanced international technologies for meeting the market demand. This high-t……

        HitachiSCX2800-2Crawler Crane

        9. Hitachi SCX2800-2 Crawler Crane

        Engine rated power (kW) 272 Maximum lift capacity (t×m) 275×4.3 Maximum boom length (m) 91.4 Maximum boom + fly jib (m) 70.1+36.55 Maximum line pull (kN) 245……

        XCMGQAY400Truck Crane

        10. XCMG QAY400 Truck Crane

        The product adopts 7-axle all terrain chassis, 5-segment oval-section jib, and single-cylinder no-rope automatic stretch and retract system. It has optional self-loading and unloading super-lift device, fixed extension jib, and luffing jib……

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